New Year’s resolutions are tricky things: it’s only too easy to make some and simply forget about them as soon as the next day. So, I decided to write them down and plan a bit.

1. Keep my focus on Canadian speculative fiction! When I started MapleBooks, I wondered if I was restraining myself too much and being a bit snobbish. In the end, I read fantastic books. I read everything from parallel worlds in Toronto to post-apocalyptic micro-societies in Nunavut. So, I intend to continue this year! My goal is to review at least 36 speculative fictions from Canada in 2015 (that’s 3 a month). Here’s a peek at what’s coming!

The Just City by Jo Walton Radiant by Karina Sumner-Smith Pray Lied Eve py Lydia Peever

2. However, I also want to read at least 20 Canadian literary novels. In particular, I started to read books from the CBC 100 books list and I intend to continue! You might hear from these novels very soon:

Room by Emma Donoghue Hill-Lawrence-The-Book-of-Negroes-thumbnail The Antagonist by Lynn Coady

3. Keep the Science-Fiction & Fantasy World Tour going! This is a personal challenge I particularly enjoyed in 2014! So, I’m planning to review books from 12 countries I’ve never read an author from!

4. Read at least 12 French-Canadian books. I mean Quebec is on the other side of the river but I don’t seem to read that many books from there! Here are two books you can expect to hear about soon:

Mémoris d'Elodie Tirel Le festin de Salomé d'Alain Beaulieu

5. I’d like to read all adult novels from the shortlist of the Aurora Award (that will be probably 4 or 5 novels).

6. I’d like to write more discussion articles on MapleBooks.  I used to participate in Thursday Thoughts but after a while, I wasn’t so inspired by the topics.

7. In 2015, I’d like to go to at least one big book fair (Gatineau, Montréal or Toronto for instance). I really, really should have gone to Toronto INSPIRE! but I thought Toronto was a bit far, the trip would be costly, and what do you do in a book fair anyway?… Then I read bloggers’ accounts of their visits and felt utterly depressed that I didn’t go. This year, let’s be social! (reality check: let’s try to be at least a tiny tad social).

Here! These are my resolutions for 2015. What do you think? Also, what are your resolutions?