Books are My Bag is a 3-days campaign to celebrate bookshops in the United Kingdom. Since the 9th of October, pictures of filled BAMB orange bags and selfies taken at bookstores are flowing through Twitter. This enthusiasm makes me hope that the celebration will one day spread to Canada.

In the meantimes, I decided to introduce you to my favourite bookstore in Ottawa. It is the cutest little bookstore ever and it’s packed with great, great books. It’s called “Perfect Books” and it’s an independent bookstore. You can tell, actually: the selection doesn’t reflect other big chain bookstore shelves. There are less books, but they are all worth a look.

Perfect Books - Ottawa

Perfect Books at 258A Elgin Street in Ottawa, Canada

At first, I came to love this bookstore for their “psychology” section. I bought my first Malcolm Gladwell book there: Outliers just blew my mind, so I went back to get Blink, and then The Tipping Point, and later David and Goliath.  Perfect Books is the place I discovered I love psychology and cognitive science (and probably Malcolm Gladwell)!

Even though the shop isn’t too big, there are many sections: Science-Fiction and Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction, History, Art, Young Readers and more. It’s very quiet in there and many times, I’ve been reading cross-legged on the floor undisturbed (trying to figure out which one of a huge book pile I would purchase). It feels very welcoming and comfortable. I love how people leave tiny book review notes stuck under the books to encourage you to read them!

Finally, Perfect Books supports local writers! Actually, I discovered today their new section dedicated to “local, self-published authors”, which I found pretty daring… and cool!

Perfect Books: local and self-published writers

The new local and self-published authors shelf!

So, if you’re from Ottawa or come by one day, don’t hesitate to visit Perfect Books at 258A Elgin Street (at Somerset Street West) or visit Perfect Books’ website!

Now what about you? what is your favourite bookstore and why?

Books bought at Perfect Books

These are a few books I purchased at Perfect Books!