Thursday Thoughts - Discussion about books

Thursday Thoughts is a weekly feature on Ashley’s Blog Ok, Let’s Read. Each thursday, Ashley would open a discussion related to reading. This week, the topic is TBR lists [TBR = To Be Read].

“Do you make a small TBR list every month (or week)? If so, how strict are you on following your TBR? If not, why not/have you tried it before? Do you feel like making a regular TBR each month (or other increment of time) helps or hurts your reading habits? ”

Feel free to join and/or check other people’s opinion on Ashley’s post!

In creating Maple Books, I had two projects: first, I wanted to explore Canadian speculative fiction. Second, I wanted to discover authors from countries I never or barely ever read anything from. Committing to a blog is the only way I found to complete such projects.

My TBR list matches my blog publication plan

My plan is to review three Canadian books and one foreign book each month. This is the closest I have to a to-be-read list. It’s a thematic list more than a title list, because I borrow most books from the library and I can only get a book when it’s available.
On GoodReads, I have a “to-read” shelf where I store titles I’m interested in. I pick new titles from there depending on my mood. I also try to alternate Science-Fiction and Fantasy, English and Canadian French books, but I don’t make it a constraint.

GoodReads Club

A few months ago, I joined the Science-Fiction & Fantasy eBook Club on GoodReads. We alternate Science-Fiction and Fantasy every couple of weeks. I love the way we pick books: we first vote for a theme, then all members can nominate a book, and finally we elect a finalist.
I found it a good way to discover new authors and a good opportunity to discuss books with other people, so most of the time I try to fit the Club selection within my TBR list.

My other reads… a complete mess

Then of course there are all the other books. The ones I read reviews about, the library new purchases, my favourite bookstore new arrivals and the next-door thrift store that sells 5 books for $5!
For these, there is no rule and no order. I find that it’s part of the pleasure to pick a book that fits your mood. I often squeeze them between my other more-planned reads!

I noticed that a themed TBR list makes me choose books better. I do search for reads that match my projects. However, it’s still important to me to keep it very flexible: I don’t want to feel forced to read a book.

What about you? Do you read by theme?