The Scientific American on iPad

I hate tablets. I just got one.

See, Beloved and I are indie game developers and we needed a device to test our game on iOS, which means either iPhone or iPad. I’m happy with my Android smartphone and we didn’t have a tablet, so we decided for the later.

Ten minutes after I turned that thing on, I was already popping my lid. From “What?! There’s no Firefox for iPad?!” to “I can’t even save a PDF from the browser!”, it seemed that tablets could actually be worse than I had imagined. My fault: I was raised treating computers as tools. As a consequence, I always expect to be able to use them the way I want. The iPad ways are so restrictive that it feels like wearing a pair of shoes two sizes too small for me.
However, I still found a great usage for this new iPad (away from testing games and ranting): reading eMagazine. Earlier this year I subscribed to the electronic version of the Scientific American to save some paper. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a comfortable way to read it: on the computer, it feels clumsy and my Kobo eReader is too small, plus black&white is not great for a magazine filled with infographics.

The tablet, on the other hand, is perfect!