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I can’t believe January is already gone. How did that happen?

I read five books this month and didn’t quite find the time to write all the reviews yet. I especially need to find some time to talk to you about the excellent If I fall, if I die by Michael Christie. I also loved The Antagonist by Lynn Coadie and must tell you why… in February now! :/

In case you didn’t see it, I shared my reading resolutions for 2015 here. And if you live around Ottawa (or are simply curious), you might want to learn about Mini-Mammoth. Yes, Mini-Mammoth. What?

Books reviewed this month

Pray Lied Eve by Lydia PeeverThe Just City by Jo WaltonLe festin de Salomé d'Alain Beaulieu

Pray Lied Eve by Lydia Pever, a small but terrific collection of horror short-story < favourite this month!
The Just City by Jo Walton, an alternate history involving Socrates and some science-fiction.
Le Festin de Salomé by André Beaulieu, a weird and fascinating story about loss of identity.

Other read this month

United States of America Flag (USA)Happy Hour in Hell by Tad Williams (Bobby Dollar #2) 5-stars

Happy Hour in Hell (Bobby Dollar #2) by Tad WilliamsYes, five stars. I’m that happy. You’d think everything has been imagined about Hell. Yet, in Happy Hour in Hell, Tad Williams really manages to come up with some new ideas, many of them cruel or somewhat disturbing, and make Bobby Dollar’s exploration of it absolutely riveting. There’s a lot of violent fights in this book, gory depictions of torture and other “niceties” you can expect in Hell, so it might not be suitable for the faint-hearted.
However, if you can enjoy a horror story, Happy Hour in Hell is certainly one of the most entertaining I read lately. I picked the book as a relaxing read and it did the job 100%. It’s a rather traditional save-the-princess epic-fantasy quest (which I usually find boring), except it’s in Hell and that the princess is damned. There’s a lot of actions, a remarkably creative world, a few unforgettable characters, and even some thought-provoking discussions about the Hell/Heaven concept along the way. It’s also pretty funny.