Maple Books has a new design

When a practically-colour-and-shape-blind developer decides to quickly style her own blog, it looks like Maple Books before. A year ago, when I started Maple Books, I grabbed Responsive, a foundation-based starter theme, tweaked a few things and put it online. Because who cares about your look, right?


Well, a year later, I still can’t draw a flower but I managed to put together a better look for Maple Books, with the help of Beloved, who is a designer (that helps). After I found a wordpress theme on ThemeForest that I really liked (and consequently decided to not start my own theme from scratch… another thing a developer should learn to do earlier!), he designed all the new banners on the website and the pretty thumbnails for the books with the genre written on it.

I’m really happy about the new look of Maple Books and I hope you’re going to like it as much as I do!