This week, we moved on from January to February, which means that we’re slowly winning the yearly fight against Winter. In Ottawa, it’s been a very strange winter, with temperature swinging up and down like a squirrel on an electric line during a storm. We had freezing rain and flash freeze a few times, and that is honestly what I dread the most. I don’t mind Winter, but if you’re supposed to be snowy and cold, just be consistently that way, will you?

Anyways, here are the news that caught my attention this week!

1. Most importantly, the Canada Read’s 2018 shortlist is here!

    • The Boat People by Sharon Bala
    • American War by Omar El Akkad
    • Precious Cargo by Craig Davidson
    • Forgiveness by Mark Sakamoto
    • The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline

2. Robert J. Sawyer, one of the most prolific Science-Fiction writer of Canada, is going to be inducted in the Order of Ontario! He will be the first Sci-Fi author in the Order!

3. Did you ever wonder how Canada Reads impact book sales? Booknet published an article about it this week.

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